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McGowan and McClain

“In November 2009 Liza wrote an article about our jewelry line, McGowan and McClain, not only was the article beautifully written, but our website was bombarded with hits and the article continues to bring traffic to our website! Liza and Elizabeth have created a phenomenal blog about all things Nashville and they have an incredibly keen eye for style. Style Blueprint is honestly one of our favorite blogs, and we don’t even live in Nashville. Way to go ladies.”

AB HOME Interiors

“Elizabeth and Liza have been a joy to work with. Since the infancy of StyleBlueprint they have kept their commitment to provide their faithful followers up to the minute info on local events, fashion must-haves and supported local businesses, like myself.
Thank-you both for all your hard work, and an even BIGGER thank-you for all your support! Because of you new my business has grown, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with you, and watch you grow!”
Amanda Burdge
AB HOME Interiors
Brentwood TN

Tina Adams, Wardrobe Consulting and Signature Services, LLC

“Wardrobe Consulting and Signature Services, LLC, has grown exponentially because of StyleBlueprint. Their interesting and informative features always drive more clients to our website and result in more wardrobe appointments. Their large and loyal following depend on their recommendations, so their endorsement is priceless.”

Woo Caroland, Woo Skin Care and Cosmetics

“StyleBlueprint is the perfect match to my morning coffee, I look forward to both every morning! Elizabeth and Liza have done a superior creative, stylish and well-researched job. The Gwyneth Paltrow Tall Tale goes in the history books!!!”

Ursula Norris, TinWings Art

“I LOVE StyleBlueprint! it is the blog i go to for all the fun/up to date/need to know things going on in nashville! they we so nice to do an interview and print an article on my business (tinwings) and i received many comments and some great attention to my art work! THANKS STYLE BLUEPRINT! i’m a subscriber for LIFE”

Maggie + Tweed

“Dear StyleBlueprint, I cannot say thank you enough for all the business your well-written blog post has brought to Tweed Baby Outfitters!! Each day I hear at least one customer say StyleBlueprint sent them to the shop. Thank you!!!”

Judith Bright

“Style Blueprint is a real tour de force!  I always enjoy reading about Liza and Elizabeth’s adventures.  They never fail to be interesting and well-written.  Theirs is one of the few blogs I actually read every day.  They have never steered me wrong with a recommendation and they are incredibly thorough in their investigation of all that Nashville has to offer.  It’s such a time saver for me and I’m constantly bookmarking their links.  They have also both been really supportive of me as a jewelry designer and I’ve had a lot of people tell me they heard about me or one of my events in Style Blueprint.”

Shelia Davis Curtis, Shelia Davis Curtis Makeup

Elizabeth and Liza are STYLE BROKERS! I’ve received such an overwhelming response to their post about my brow services that I’ve had to hire someone to help me keep up with my growing clientele list! When they talk, Nashville definitely listens!

Liz King

“Shortly after I moved to Nashville, to get the lay of the land I turned to Liza and Elizabeth, the savvy StyleBlueprint founders. These hip bloggers have their collective fingers on the pulse of all that’s cool in this city and beyond. As a dutiful daily reader and new entrepreneur, we also felt the ripple effect their knowing recommendations brought when Claridge + King was mentioned in StyleBlueprint’s well-read pages. Their musings have had a marked effect on our growing business, because they’re not only sharp opinion makers, but a chic duo whose pithy and often hilarious posts keep us coming back for more.”

Rachel Halvorson

“When I started my interior design business a year ago I was worried about the difficulty of building a clientele. Thanks to StyleBlueprint’s introduction, I now have a 4 month long wait list!! Not only that- but I love every one of my clients that came through SB! They have all been fun, open to new ideas, and dare I say…stylish?? Yes, just like Elizabeth and Liza at StyleBlueprint! I am so busy that I had to hire an assistant and actually rent a REAL office!”

Kathleen, DIGS

“The amazing response to our new store, DIGS, was propelled by the posting on Styleblueprint. We were so amazingly covered, and photographed, and the traffic we gained was incredible. We could not have PAID for better advertising. Thank you Style Blueprint, you are our favorite girls on the blog scene…”

Ellen Caldwell, Caldwell Collection

“As a Nashville store owner, I’ve been really pleased with our exposure on Just this morning we were included in a post, and within hours had sold two pieces of jewelry to one of their readers in New York. The authors, Liza and Elizabeth, genuinely visit and support the businesses that they write about on the blogsite. They’re delightful to work with.”

Hal Pickel,Two Moon Gallery

We received great publicity from StyleBlueprint’s 12th and Paris article, and we were especially pleased to hear that Elizabeth would like to soon return to write an article on Two Moon Gallery. My wife and I found Elizabeth very enjoyable and professional to work with. As we had hoped, the second article created a lot of buzz from the minute it was released. Not only has foot traffic increased, but we have also secured a few event rentals as a result.

Besty Aston, Pears and Bears

StyleBlueprint has been a huge asset in building brand awareness for our company Kayce Hughes/Pears + Bears.  Even on our home turf where we thought we had the market fairly saturated, StyleBlueprint has brought us customers we did not know we were missing.  Their witty, intelligent, and honest dialog on everything from fashion to restaurants continues to keep us as loyal readers of this fabulous blog.  As a company, we appreciate the tangible way their promotions increase our bottom line.

Betsy Hindman, Plum Vintage Jewelry

Each time my product is featured in StyleBlueprint, I have seen a huge increase in both my daily number of website visitors and completed transactions.  As a start up, my website needed publicity to get off the ground.  StyleBlueprint effectively introduced my products to hundreds of interested, affluent buyers in my exact demographic target.  More than half of my customers at a recent show had been directed to the event by an article in StyleBlueprint.  The endorsement of these emerging Nashville taste-makers is without a doubt the reason my business has taken flight.

Wiff Harmer

Liza, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the post on StyleBlueprint about my business.  It brought so much more positive publicity to my website than I ever realized possible.   I continue to hear raves about the post and my work featured.  Your awesome wording worked wonders and the people that read your blog fit perfectly into my desired market.  It has been like a sudden rocket ship to my calendar…I’m completely booked!  Yipee!



 “Everyone knows that the favorite go-to blog in Nashville is StyleBlueprint.  I read it every time it hits my email account and I learn something new about the travels and sleuthing of Liza and Elizabeth.”

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