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Ms. Cheap needs YOUR advice

Posted by on Aug 1, 2010

It's true.  Ms. Cheap, the popular columnist from the Tennessean, with fans throughout the country, is writing a new book and she wants your help.  Elizabeth and I are both big fans of Mary, aka Ms. Cheap, and we had a hunch that the best source of tips online and around town would come from you, the StyleBlueprint readers. So here's the deal:

The working title of her new book, to be published by Turner Publishing, is "365 Things to Think about for a Long and Happy Marriage.''  Mary would love "(StyleBlueprint) followers to contribute their tips and advice along with their names and how long they have been married — I know your following will have wonderful ideas – both from their experience and from things they've heard along the way.  The advice can be things to do, and of course things not to do, as well as things to think about."  She also added that's it's OK if the hindsight is clearer, and you are now divorced!  So, leave a comment and your name (it's OK to leave out your last name if you choose) along with a bit of advice for our readers on this post.  You never know, you just may say "OH, That's me!" when the book is published later on.

Be sure to see Ms. Cheap's book published last year and instock at local bookstores and at Amazon: 99 thing to save money in your household budget.

*Also, please note that the Trish McEvoy event at Private Edition, which we wrote about on Friday, has a ratio of makeup artists to attendees of 1:2.  While our post said 1:2, the email teaser said 1:1.

We can't wait to read what you all have to say to Ms. Cheap in marriage, so comment away!