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Allumer ma Maison, avec Manor, s’il vous plait!

Posted by on Oct 25, 2009

Je regret le francious, mais quand je peux l’utiliser?

I have no idea if I got all that right, but basically, it’s my nod to French style after visiting Manor, on Bransford, and falling in love with their take on French style……and their lighting….and their prices! I took seven years of French and after seeing Julie and Julia, I’m trying to find ways to incorporate my learned, yet long lost language, into my life again.  A trip to Manor may make you fall in love with the French all over again as well.


$480 and comes with TWO lamp shades

I have had people stopping me for months telling me to stop by Manor, a home furnishing, accessories and lighting store found at 2823 Bransford Avenue in Berry Hill.  This goes for Elizabeth as well.  We were both constantly saying, “I’m going to try to get to Manor today” and then, with this crazy hectic Fall we are both having, we were never able to make it.  However, a few days ago we BOTH made it there, independently of one another.  Seriously. I FINALLY make it there, with a recovering, but home from school eight year old in hand (24 hour rule).  I walk in and introduce myself and Amy Smith, the owner, laughs and says, “You know, Elizabeth was JUST here.  You missed her by 15 minutes.”  Of course she was.  Of course neither one of us had talked about going there that day.  Story of our blogging lives!  BUT, also typical for how we sometimes can’t catch a break, Elizabeth’s memory card was full so she couldn’t take pictures.  I arrived with my camera (with a charged battery as I’m sometimes known to leave my camera battery behind….).  You should have heard us gushing on the phone to each other when I finally left.  We are now both officially fans.


Silver Leaf Iron Lantern with Crystal Swag, $875

Manor is this very calm oasis in the midst of the heavily traveled Bransford Avenue.   Amy and her husband/ co-owner Earl Smith favor whites and neutrals and have a great eye for lighting.  Adding to the calm oasis are paintings by Mary Cummins displayed throughout store.  I had just finished the search for two chandeliers for my house when I visited, so I tell you from many months of searching, Manor needs to be in your top choices of stores to visit if you are looking for any type of lighting.  I mean, I love their pillows, daybeds, couches, and bags.  BUT, their lighting is jaw droppingly fabulous.  So, I think I need to just give you the rest of my pictures and let your eyes take it all in.  I think you will agree.  Oh- everything is 20% off this week if you have a Centerstone Card:


Mosaic Pattern Metal Pendant, $895


Wrought Iron Lamp with Linen Shade, $450 each.


Glass Lamp with Painted Shade $500 each. Mary Cummins art leaned up on wall


Italian Chandelier $1200


Estate Lantern, $300


Iron Round Funnel Lamp $290

I found this next picture of this deliciously funky chandelier, hanging in Manor January 2009, from a fun decorating blog, Not only do I find this light so hip, I really want that console table…..I mean I REALLY need that console table. I will be heading there Monday morning to see if it is still there and I somehow missed it when I was in there a couple weeks ago. Isn’t that chandelier so cool?


unknown price

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and here to an illuminating day. (Yes, I know you just groaned with that one.)

2823 Bransford Avenue
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 298-2885