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Flower Arranging 101: Yes YOU Can!

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012

I am always so inspired by people who exude creativity, who, with a slight twist of their hands, create something beautiful and imaginative. Holly Bryan of Holly Bryan Floral & Botanical Design is one of those people, and I was lucky to spend the morning with her recently. She may be in Atlanta, but her creations will inspire you no matter where you live.

Holly created three different flower arrangements for us, each one building on the next. Our goal was to show you three different arrangements–that you can do yourself–with varying price points. We started with the simple (but still beautiful) and ended with a grand arrangement!

Holly’s studio filled with all the flowers that we would use in our arrangements.


Another view of Holly’s studio

Holly began the first look by placing the main element, a gorgeous rose called Coffee Break, in her antique container. The roses came from Holly’s wholesaler, but she often picks up flowers at Whole Foods when she is creating arrangements for her own house. Holly always starts with the biggest element or flower first. In this arrangement, the Coffee Break rose is not only our main flower, but also the largest piece in the grouping. She then filled in the rest of her container with few other plants that she picked from her parents’ backyard.

Holly used this interesting garden container that she found at an antique store as the base. Don’t be afraid to choose a container that is different than a traditional vase.

This arrangement really shows how simple it is to create a lush centerpiece by purchasing one bouquet of flowers and then pulling in different textures and colors with plants that you might already have.

Flowers in this arrangement: Coffee Break rose and then from the garden, Sedum, Dusty Miller, Artemisia and Rex begonia leaves

For the next arrangement, Holly brought in these gorgeous hydrangeas to add a little more volume. Since we were using the first centerpiece as a starting point, Holly just added the additional flowers to the arrangement. You will notice as we go along that each centerpiece looks a little fuller than the next, but never overly squished together.

Filling in with the hydrangeas

Holly also bought these neat Scabiosa pods to give the second arrangement a little height.

Flowers in this arrangement: Coffee Break rose, Sedum, Dust Miller, Artemisia, Rex begonia leaves, Antique hydrangea, and Scabiosa pods


A close up. Doesn’t the color of the Coffee Break rose just pop off the other flowers?

For the final arrangement, Holly used a few special elements that added a little bit more fullness and height. The tulips were just beginning to open and to give them a little more life, Holly held them up to her lips and quickly blew into them. They instantly opened up!

Each time Holly adds a flower she leans back in order to see the whole centerpiece.

The final look! Holly’s first love is painting, and I think you can really tell by the way she incorporates so many different colors and textures.

Flowers in this arrangement: Coffee Break rose, Sedum, Dust Miller, Artemisia, Rex begonia leaves, Antique hydrangea, and Scabiosa pods, Chocolate cosmos, tulips, and Nandina berries.


A close up of the final arrangement.


A special thanks to Holly Bryan for sharing these three gorgeous arrangements with us!