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Nordstrom: The Gala

Posted by on Sep 16, 2011

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1800 tickets were available, at $100 each, and it sold out.  All the proceeds were split among three local charities: Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee, Cheekwood and the YWCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  Let me say that again, all the proceedsNordstrom underwrote the event, so the opening gala raised $180,000 for local charities – at a three hour party.  And, what a party it was.

DSCF1000CROP 620x926 Nordstrom: The Gala

Our photographer for the evening was the lovely Bridgett Ezzard who I’ve worked with before and loved loved loved spending time with again. 

A quick note: Loving Nordstrom does not mean we don’t shop at our favorite local boutiques.  Nordstrom ups the game, to be sure, but Nashville’s individual boutiques are amazing and we love them.  So, people, spread the love!

Before the photo montage begins, let me say this: Nashville has the most beautiful Nordstrom I have ever seen, and I’ve visited quite a few.  The employees could not have been nicer and the event was a huge success.  I saw so many shopping bags leaving the store.  Men and women alike were all gushing.  I can’t wait to get my girls in for the smaller sized TOMS.

Jake Owen was incredible.  I developed a little crush. I was a fan before but I’m downloading tunes today, as he’s just so impressive.

DSCF1120 CROP 620x926 Nordstrom: The Gala

Jake Owen signing at the Nordstrom Opening Gala in Nashville on September 14th

The food, oh my.  The food was great and catered by Nashville’s own Kristen Winston. I also can’t wait to dine at SIXTH & PINE (the “hip diner” concept restaurant inside Nordstrom). And, unbelievably, I did a shot of whiskey. I mean, you know the party’s great if you decide to do a shot of whiskey, your first since college, right?

The biggest question of all was “What are you wearing?”  I went with my black wrap DVF dress that my friend Kristen gave me two years ago.  Yes, we all need a friend like that, but we all need a dress like this DVF one as well: perfect whenever you really don’t know what to wear. But, with 1800 people there, everything was on display: cocktail, black-tie, skinny jeans, too short mini’s and hot pink go-go boots. I think the award for best dressed actually belongs to man I met in the pink tweed jacket. You win!

Okay, I’ll tell you more with the following pictures, but the store officially opens Friday at 10 AM.  But, you can go at 8 AM for the Beauty Event and snag some gifts and an early peek.  At 9:59:40 the countdown begins with all the Nordstrom employees counting down from 20 seconds to official opening.  Elizabeth and I wish we could be there, but we have a 10 AM meeting in Franklin! DANG IT!

DSCF1008 CROP 620x926 Nordstrom: The Gala

Amy Norton, Kristen Weaver, Betsy Cunagin and me, Liza Graves before we entered the Nordstrom Gala.

DSCF1051 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

StyleBlueprint founders: Liza and Elizabeth

DSCF1026 Nordstrom: The Gala

Immediate joy was evident everywhere. Handbags help that joy.

handbags 620x413 Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1026 copy Nordstrom: The Gala


DSCF1021 copy1 Nordstrom: The Gala

Checkin' out the handbags... Madie Smith and I made a beeline for these two.

The food, as I said, was really a hit:

food 620x413 Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1169 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

Individual cakes by Dulce Desserts. Click here for info on Dulce.

mens food 620x413 Nordstrom: The Gala

The food near the men's section had people raving. The bacon and the fries made a big splash.

The shoes.  Oh, the shoes.  The shoe sales people needed today off as I’m sure they were still selling into the wee hours of the night!

shoes 620x413 Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1223 Nordstrom: The Gala

Sam Edelman shoes, I think.

As noted pretty much everywhere, hats and fascinators are very much on trend, thanks to Princess Kate.

hats 620x413 Nordstrom: The Gala

Lots of great hats and fascinators

DSCF1205 Nordstrom: The Gala

Too cute!

 Alright, a few more shots of the crowd and then some more merchandise!

DSCF1042 Nordstrom: The Gala

Todd and Libby Glisson and Alan and Brit Horn

DSCF1089 Nordstrom: The Gala

With the Souls4Souls guys! Keith Woodley, Liza Graves, Wayne Elsey

DSCF1147 Nordstrom: The Gala

Star Stylists from one of Elle's top 100 American salons: Element! Strike a pose!

DSCF1140 Nordstrom: The Gala

Anna Peeples, owner of You're Invited along with Francie Likis and her sister and Elizabeth Fox

DSCF1137 Nordstrom: The Gala

Elizabeth and I with great friends!

DSCF1142 Nordstrom: The Gala

Friends all coordinating with black and white outfits! Phyllis Jenny, Leslie Carpenter and Lynn Queener.

DSCF1160 Nordstrom: The Gala

Cathy Lewandowski, in the middle, is beaming with her new Jimmy Choo shoes! She is with friends Kim Betts and Alissa Bodart.

Okay, we’ll go back to more crowd shots a little later.  I know you all want to see more STUFF!

DSCF1068 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

Men, we bring you shoes

DSCF1073 Nordstrom: The Gala

And Ted Baker cufflinks

DSCF1203 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

Male models during the event

menshat Nordstrom: The Gala

So cool

DSCF1181 Nordstrom: The Gala

Hello, Chanel Man. UPDATE: we have a name! Barry Grider.

DSCF1218 Nordstrom: The Gala

Notice that the dome lid has been kissed...twice

parfum Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1199 Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1095 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

It's a diaper bag. Really.

DSCF1226 Nordstrom: The Gala

In one of the five, yes five, shoe departments

DSCF1088 Nordstrom: The Gala

Prada for kids feet? Nordstrom has it!

DSCF1090 Nordstrom: The Gala

For my kids' feet? TOMS. So happy to have kids sizes in all these styles.

DSCF1050 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

The kids clothes are irresistible. Great options for boys and girls alike.

DSCF1085 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

She gets the award for cutest of the night. And, check out the adorable baby clothes to match her baby bump!

DSCF1036 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

I'll take this entire outfit, please.

Alrighty, back to people watching:

DSCF12551 Nordstrom: The Gala

Ashley Clapp (that is you Ashley, isn't it?) and Judith Bright.

DSCF1188 Nordstrom: The Gala

Jake Owen, Lori Stein (Nordstrom Nashville's General Manager ), Elizabeth Fox and Lacey Buchanan

DSCF1157 Nordstrom: The Gala

The cigar girls were asked to pose for lots of pictures!

DSCF1230 Nordstrom: The Gala

Ladies Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1182 Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1153 Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1104 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

I was fascinated by this dress. We got tons of pictures of it. It's so fun!

DSCF1100 Nordstrom: The Gala

Not sure who this is, but he looked important.... UPDATE: this is Myron, drummer for Jake Owen! (thanks for all the emails and comments on this one!)

DSCF1070 Nordstrom: The Gala

Do you think one of them bought those shoes?

DSCF1066 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

DSCF1064 copy Nordstrom: The Gala

Shoe shines are always available in the men's department. The whiskey drink, on the other hand, won't be!

DSCF1046 copy1 Nordstrom: The Gala

Dwayne Elliott and his beautiful wife Shellian

DSCF1035 copy1 Nordstrom: The Gala

Dana Oman , Barbara Keith Payne and Liza Graves

DSCF1018 Nordstrom: The Gala

Teddyclayton Nordstrom: The Gala

For more pictures, see Bridgett’s Ezzard’s blog (our fab photographer for the night) at:


What more can I say?  Nordstrom needs to throw this party every year.  Um, John, Ashley, Lori… please?


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